Showreel |2023 Modeling | Generalist CG | Carl Vazquez

Carl Vazquez Reel 2023

Carl Vazquez: 3D Modeler/ Generalist ~
Cell: 631-873-8437

Shot List Breakdown of 2018 Demo Reel:

-Dreamworks Animation: Final Artist Character fixes, final checks gpu cache creation, yeti hair fixes, shader updates, rig checks

-Griffith Observatory: Girl : Surfacing updates, lighting tests, yeti hair sim and cache out, scene assembly implantation, texture updates.

-Surfer Girl Anatomy Study Sculpt Zbrush Maya marmoset

00: Kratos Modeling: Zbrush, Maya, Marmoset, Substance Painter

01: Eight VFX: Commercials CG Modeling Maya/ Zbrush: Doors, Door Mats, Flying Objects, House, Fence, Floating Island, UV Layout and base Textures, Vray LookDev

02: Eight VFX: ATT: Your Thing: Modeling CG Sneaker from Photogrammetry Scans, Zbrush, and Maya, Vray Glass Shaders Rendering

03: Eight VFX: Toyota Crashing Dreams: Modeling of Car interior of CAD Scans with Maya and Zbrush

04: Wolf Hanzo: Zbrush, Modeling and Keyshot HDRI Rendering

05: Pan's Labyrinth: Zbrush, Modeling and Keyshot HDRI Rendering

06: TNG Visual Effects: Sophia Full Body Model from Photogrammetry Scans; Zbrush, and Maya, and Crystal Face